Ceremony sound amplification helps to ensure that all guests can fully experience and participate in the wedding ceremony, while also allowing the couple to personalize their special day with music and other elements. We highly recommend this service for those that have 20+ guests in attendance, especially when the ceremony will be close to the ocean, due to loud ambient background noise like waves crashing and wind blowing.

Couples should consider having ceremony sound amplification for their wedding ceremony for several reasons:

  1. Clarity and Audibility: Sound amplification ensures that everyone, especially those sitting at the back of the ceremony area, can hear the ceremony clearly and without strain. This enhances the overall experience for the guests and helps them better participate in the celebration.
  2. Personalization: Sound amplification can also help personalize the ceremony by allowing the couple to choose music, readings, and other elements that help tell their story and set the tone for their special day.
  3. Background Noise Reduction: Outdoor wedding ceremonies can be affected by background noise from waves, wind, or other sources. Sound amplification can help reduce the impact of these noises and provide clear audio for the guests.
  4. Special Announcements: Sound amplification also allows for announcements, such as when to be seated or to put their phones away (for unplugged weddings), to be heard clearly by everyone in attendance.


  • Complimentary Phone/Skype Consultation
  • Simple & Stress-Free Booking Process
  • Exclusive Music Planning Worksheet
  • Continuous Support & Consultations
  • Face-to-Face Meeting Upon Arrival to Maui *
  • Two Lapel Microphones (officiant & groom) **
  • One Handheld Microphone (for readings, if applicable)
  • Professional 16-Channel Digital Mixer
  • Signature Bose Sound System
  • Completely Customized Music Playlist -or-
  • Sound Support for Live Musicians ***
  • Audio Feed Support for Videographer****
  • *Subject to availability
    ** Different configuration for same sex couples
    *** Musicians to provide their own microphones/stands, cables and instruments
    **** Videographer to provide recording device and cables. This is a BACKUP feed and not intended to be their primary source of audio