We absolutely LOVE what we do and it shows in our reviews. We have hundreds of them out there on them intewebz on Google, Wedding Wire, The Knot and Yelp. Here’s a few from our favorite clients. Sure, any DJ (or any wedding vendor for that matter) can put their best foot forward on their own website, but here’s a little exercise your can do to really compare wedding vendor reviews.

1.) Get a piece of paper for notes (or use your notes app)

2.) Make a section for each vendor you are comparing in each category

3.) Scan through the vendor reviews for key words (ex. professional, energetic, fun, etc.) and terms (ex. down to earth, goes above and beyond, etc.)

4.) Write down the top three words you see the most from former clients. Don’t count “best” because honestly, the client only got to experience one vendor from each category.

5.) Now that you have each vendors’ top three words/terms, choose the vendor who’s attributes you are most attracted to and want for your wedding.

And hey… sometimes I may not be what you’re looking for and that’s totally okay! If you’re looking for something simple where the DJ just plays your music and makes a few announcements… I’m not that dude! I will go above and beyond to make sure you and your guests having fun and are being taken care of, sometimes even more so than your wedding planner. At the same time, I’m also not on the mic the whole time making unnecessary announcements or giving you instructions all night on the dance floor. I’m preeeeety sure that the roof has been at an appropriate level for some time now… you can go ahead and just set it down like it’s luke warm.

Del is the best DJ!

Del was such an amazing DJ and we could not have been happier with hiring him! He helped us shorten our first dance song and was in touch with us before the wedding to make sure all of our favorite songs were played. He also has a hilarious personality which we got to know more the night of the wedding as he made funny jokes after each speech, and all of our friends were telling us how funny and great the DJ was. Thanks so much Del! We had a blast!


The Best MC!

WOW! DJ DEL was a hit! Literally from the first e-mail to the first moment we met, he knew exactly what was needed and when! It’s almost as if he spoke to my musical soul! He’s charismatic, intelligent, the best MC out there, and so KIND! We found ourselves very lucky to have worked with him, and have him be a part of our special day! He literally goes above and beyond! My father is very sick and was unable to fly to our wedding. DJ DEL took it upon himself to FaceTime him during our ceremony! Honestly, he’s the best, don’t miss out.


Where do we begin?!

Del was amazing from the moment we met him the day of the wedding until we all left the after party!! Del not only played great music during the ceremony and at the reception, he was like a friend. He made sure every guest was having a great time on the dance floor and more. I have never seen a DJ so involved in his work to where he got out on the dance floor and got the party started. He made sure the wedding party was well taken care of and also helped coordinate the after party at a local hotel. Too much fun!!!! We talked about Del the rest of our trip as well as all our guests. Everyone loved him and couldn’t stop raving about his services. I would say to any couple getting married in Maui that Del is your man!!! Thank you Del for all you did to make our special day even better! Mahalo!


More than “just a DJ”

My wedding was absolutely spectacular, I couldn’t have had a better wedding! It couldn’t have had better music! I can’t possibly say enough good things about DJ Del Sol, he was so amazing to work with. Literally he made the event run smoothly! He gave great customer service, he looked for and found specific songs that were really important to my husband and I. My grandmother requested just the music version of showboat so she could sing, he put it all together and she literally stole the show. A great DJ works in the background to make sure it all happens! A day or two before the wedding I realized the ceremony might need sound. He was literally a phone a call away and made it happen with ease. My coordinator ended up not doing the day of services and he literally ran the show, and kept everything on time. We had plenty of time for dancing, and fun. It was the most magical day of my life and I am so grateful to Del for a being a part of it! The day ran soo smoothly and effortlessly for me. I don’t think I can really express how grateful I am to have had him there. Thank you!