Having a gorgeous outdoor wedding on Maui presents one problem. All amplified music MUST stop by 10:00PM! (It’s the law). That’s usually when the party is just getting started! If you have one of those “crazy” crowds that loves to dance then a Wedding Afterparty might be something to consider.

What you want your wedding afterparty to be like? You can opt to just chill and enjoy your guests after a long wedding day while enjoying craft beers & cocktails. You may have a crowd that is used to shutting down the club at home and wants to do the same here on Maui. Either way, we can guide you to a venue that is going to fit your style.


We already have great relationships with all the late-night venues on the island simply because we’ve been playing at them for years! They love it when we bring in a wedding afterparty. In some cases, such as hotel properties, we can arrange to have the wedding after party right there on the property! 

Another thing about outdoor wedding reception venues is that there are strict sound (and even lighting) regulations. We get it… it’s a nice place… there are neighbors to consider… But! At a wedding afterparty we can break out the big boy sound & lighting systems to give your party that late -night club feel! Finish out your celebration late into the night with our wedding after party services and let’s keep the party going!

Feel free to contact us using the form below if you’d like more information on Maui venue options. Here are a few of our favorite places where we like to get down!






Silent Disco for Weddings is a new phenomena that is sweeping the globe. The way it works is that everyone wears a pair of wireless headphones so they can hear the music being played at full volume, without actual amplified sound. Each headphone can play up to three channels so everyone can get what they want. For example, you can have “dueling DJs” where one is playing Top 40 and the other is playing EDM. You can also plug an iPod into the third channel to play classic hits for the “older” generation.

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We have partnered with HUSH CONCERTS out of San Francisco, a national provider & producer of silent disco events. Sol Maui Events is now the official representative for all of the Hawaiian islands! All of the headphones are of the highest quality and are cleaned and maintained after each event. Music wise, each headphone has up to three channels so you can listen to three different DJs at a time!

The cost for our silent disco service depends on your guest count, length of service time and number of channels/DJs. Please contact us for a custom quote!

NOTE: Not all venues will allow guests to stay on property even with the music being silent. Contact your wedding & event planner to see if this could be an option for your event.